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Kosmos is a folk-progressive group from Turku, Finland. Our main influences come from folk, progressive and psychedelic rock of the early seventies. The lyrics, sung by our female singer Päivi Kylmänen, are in Finnish, but English translations are also included on our albums. Our songs rely on strong atmosphere and interesting lyrics. According to Olli Valtonen, the main lyric writer, the general idea in the lyrics is "the other reality" (mainly the cosmic and mystic one). The first album "Tarinoita Voimasta" (2005) is a fairly mellow album with lots of acoustic guitar and mellotron, piano, flute and violin. Our psychedelic side is a bit more pronounced on the second album "Polku"(2007). Some new instruments such as bassoon, bombarde and theremin have been introduced. The third album "Vieraan Taivaan Alla" (2009) has two different sides stylistically: it starts with folkier material, but at about halfway through the music becomes more electric and psychedelic. The fourth album "Salattu Maailma" (2013) is the most diverse Kosmos album yet, offering folk, psychedelia and symphonic progressive.
In the fifth album "Mirror of Time" (2019) Kosmos continue in their own original style.
The cd-version of the album is now released by an Italian record company Lizard Records. This new pressing of the album is now available in 2021.
More information available from this link: Kosmos - Ajan peili - Lizard Records

Kosmos - (2019) - Ajan peili Kosmos - (2013) - Salattu maailma Kosmos - (2009) - Vieraan taivaan alla
Kosmos - (2007) - Polku Kosmos - (2005) - Tarinoita voimasta